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Knight Club

Join the Knight Club!


Enjoy your drink in a special hand-crafted vessel that only belongs to you!

Receive discounts on beer and merchandise.


If you would like to learn more about our company, join us on social media or contribute to our vision, check out the link below. 

* Come into the taproom for details and to sign-up *


Legal Disclosure

  • This is not an offer to sell equity, partnership or securities of Under Pressure Brewing Company

  • These funds have a non-equity value with in the business

  • The Under Pressure Brewing Company Knight Club is not an entitlement to alcoholic beverages

  • We reserve the right to limit members quantity of drinks in their best interest - it is the Law

  • Under Pressure Brewing Company holds all artistic rights to the shape, artwork, and style of their merchandise, including mug and chalices - do not replicate

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