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California Common Ale

5.4% abu

light fruity, slight bitter, 42 IBU

american hops with woody, rustic flavor. 

tasty, caramel flavor

London Brown Ale

5.0% abu

sweet with toffee malt flavors 

low bitterness 20 IBU

creamy and smooth

low hop aroma

english hops

On Tap Now

All 15 beers are currently on tap.

Come in for your favorite, or let us set you up

with a 4 or 8 sample flight. 

Diamond Amber Ale

5.2% abu

caramel, malty flavor

bittered with american hops

55 IBU

citrusy hop, some haze

English Porter

5.4% abu

Roasty sweet and caramel flavors

English hops

30 IBU

Chocolate Cream Stout

6.3% abu

Very dark, semi dry with chocolate and coffee flavors. Smooth and creamy.

Served with nitro.

69 IBU

Black IPA

6.3% abu

Malty, bitter but a smooth hop finish. Chocolate and soft coffee flavors. 

Floral and berry hop notes

110 IBU

Flo's Pre-Prohibition Cream Ale

8% abu

"Snowblower" beer (Lawnmower beer in the summer) 

Higher alcohol and bitterness than Cream Ale. Easy Drinkin'

21 IBU

Smoked Ale

7% abu

Sittin' 'round a

campfire beer. Great with BBQ, I bet. Made with smoked malt

28 IBU

American Porter

6.0% abu

Dark, malty flavors with a hit of extra dark malt to amplify the aroma profile. 

25 IBU

Irish Red

6% abu

Soft toffee and caramel sweet flavors. Low hop aroma. Light toasty, biscuit notes.

24 IBU

Barley Root Beer

0% abu

Made with water and a plethora of spices.

Non-alcoholic. Super sweet and yummy! 

Blueberry Cream Stout

6.5% abu

Malty head and flavor, creamy blueberry throughout. Served on Nitro. Contains Lactose

69 IBU 

Hazelnut Porter

6.0% abu

 Caramel sweet, hazelnut amplified. 

30 IBU

Peaches -n- Cream Ale

7.8% abu

Soft, creamy peach flavor. Perfect for the hot, summer knights.

24 IBU