Tap 1: "Diamond" Amber Ale

5.2% ABV

39 IBU

Caramel and malt flavors. Bittered with American citrus hops. Medium bitter ale. Made for Dan Gladden - Minnesota Twins.

Tap 2: California Common Ale

5.4% ABV

42 IBU

Light and fruity, Medium bitter flavor. American hops with woody, rustic taste.

Tap 3: Historical London Brown

5.0% ABV

20 IBU

Sweet with toffee malt flavors. Low bitterness and hop aroma. Creamy and smooth. 

* 6 gold medals and 2 Best of Show competition winner. Winner of Gold at Homebrew Con.

Tap 4: Flo's Pre-Prohibition Cream Ale

8.0% ABV

25 IBU

"Snowblower" beer. Higher in alcohol and bitterness than a standard Cream Ale. Easy Drinkin' and Light. Does NOT contain lactose

Tap 5: Smoked Ale

7.0% ABV

28 IBU

Sittin' round the campfire beer all year long. Woody, toasty flavor. Low hops. Smoke aftertaste. Nice smoke flavor. Not overpowering. 

*Multiple gold medal competition winner and Best of Show.

Tap 6: Irish Red

6.0% ABV

24 IBU

Soft toffee and caramel sweet flavors. Low hops. Light, toasty, and dark roast notes. A true to Ireland flavor great tasting ale.

Tap 7: English Porter

5.4% ABV

29 IBU

Good old English brew. Roasty, sweet and caramel flavors. Bready, biscuit malt aromas. Earthy hops.

 * Multiple medal competition winner.

Tap 8: Barley Root Beer (Non-Alcoholic)

0.0% ABV

Made with barley water and a plethora of spices. SUPER sweet and Yum.

Contains real sugar.

Tap 9: Merbach's Maibock

6.7% ABV

27 IBU

A Helles Bock for spring/summer. Easy drinking German golden delight of nutty, malty, toasty flavor with German floral fruity, slight spicey and piney hops. Drier in finish with a soft, more hop forward profile.

Tap 10: Black IPA

6.3% ABV

118 IBU

Hop bitter and malty but with a smooth hop finish letting the soft chocolate and coffee flavors shine through. NO bitter throat end burn. Berry and floral hops.

 * Multiple medal competition winner, Best of Show and MN Fair

Tap 11: Blueberry Cream Stout

6.5% ABV

58 IBU

Malty head, malty flavor, creamy blueberry throughout. Served on Nitro. Contains Lactose. Just smell the aroma...oooh. Not bitter.

 * MN State Fair gold and other gold medal competion winner and Best of Show.

Tap 12: Chocolate Cream Stout

6.3% ABV

59 IBU

Very dark, semi dry with big chocolate flavor. Smooth and creamy. Served on Nitro. Contains Lactose. Not a bitter brew.

 * Multiple medal competition winner.

Tap 13: "Ahhh" American IPA

6.75% ABV

73 IBU

Apricot, orange, grapefruity. See what your taste buds say. Juicy and nice balanced bitter.

Tap 14: Hazelnut Porter

6.0% ABV

30 IBU

Caramel sweet, hazelnut goodness.

 * 2 Gold medal competition winner and MN State Fair winner.

Tap 15: Peaches and Cream Ale

7.8% ABV

24 IBU

Great peach flavor all the way through. Light and smooth to drink even for wine drinkers. Very low hops flavor. Just a great beer. Does NOT contain Lactose.

Tap 16: Hazy Juicy NE IPA

5.5% ABV

29 IBU

A delicate build of fruity, juicy, hazy and creamy with a smooth texture and body throughout. Not bitter just pure yummy good!

Tap 17: Cranberry Ale

5.4% ABV

12 IBU

Tart and delicious all by itself or mix with other brews for tasty combinations. Wine drinkers with like this one. Low hops.

Tap 18: "BFG" Golden Light Ale

3.9% ABV

11 IBU

Distinctive and smooth flavors. Perfect for light brew drinkers. Soft honey and caramel tones balance the noble hop aromas. Extremely enjoyable!

Tap 19: "Beerwitched" English IPA

6.3% ABV

83 IBU

Five spellbinding fruit hops entice biscuit and caramel malts into an enchanting, beerwitching IPA.

 * 1st in "The Eyes Have It" Collection.

Tap 20: Beered Dragon Belgian Quad

8.6% ABV

33 IBU

Specialty sooo dark red. Complex, smooth mouthfeel. Excellent mix of malts.

 * Multiple gold medal competition winner and Best of Show. 2nd round GABF.

Tap 21: Sour - Belgian Flanders

6.0% ABV

24 IBU

Belgian Old World "Oud Bruin". Malty with black cherry, plum, date, caramel and toffee characters. Hops not noticeable.

Tap 22: "2 Virgins" Imperial Stout

8.0% ABV

49 IBU

Complex and intense grain bill produces rich balanced flavors all blending together for a mouthful of delight. Dry finish. Not bitter.

Tap 23: "Dirty Dirty Dirty" Blonde

6.0% ABV

13 IBU

Fantastic LIGHT brew! Great balanced caramel and malt flavors from beginning to end. Soft, smooth malt, low hops, great name.

Tap 24: Apple Ale

6.1% ABV

12 IBU

You like wine, try this one!! Light body and low hops with an ever so slight tart / sour flavor. You will keep coming back for more, right Karin? So good. So Sip-able. It's APPLICIOUS.

Tap 25: "Dill We Meet Again" Ale

3.95% ABV

11 IBU

Light easy summer brew with that DILL herb flavor and slight pickle flair. Soft malt to balance herbs. 

* In Heartfelt memory of Sir Duker (Cory)

Tap 26: "In Your Face" Chai Ale

6.0% ABV

29 IBU

A crazy, warming mix of spices. Just a well-rounded, fun beer. Low bitterness. Small amount of Lactose. Famous in our Butter Beer Blend!